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Because of the mutual respect I share with all my references, I consider them a credible source to comment on my character and work ethic. I have formed professional relationships with each and every reference. All references listed are consenting and reliable people to contact to inquire about my quality of work and my personality.




Lynn Norusis

Northern Virginia Magazine

Managing Editor


Cindy Bradfield

Jones Lang Lasalle

Assistant Manager


Kim Putens

Bloomers Boutique



Ruth Lamberty

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

Marketing Project Manager


Lynn Norusis

   It is my pleasure to offer my professional recommendation for Hilary Adleberg. Once Hilary joined Northern Virginia Magazine, I quickly saw what an asset she was to the editorial team.

   Hilary dove into assignments covering the up-and-coming fashion industry in the Metro-D.C. region. She focused on covering not only the trends, but the personalities who are guiding the industry. Hilary consistently looked to better herself in her editorial role, seeking out criticism of her writing and interview style in order to push her skill to the next level. She took on tasks that went above and beyond—dedicating her time on weekends to gathering products for photo shoots, working the photo shoots and attending different events as a representative of the magazine.

   Hilary’s patient and pleasant demeanor was a welcome antidote to the frenetic pace of a media publication. The editorial staff respected her and her writing was well received by our readers. Hilary performed her responsibilities with aplomb and was a great addition to our team. She was receptive to guidance from the editors, and went as an asset when it came to photo shoots, fashion events and society coverage.

   I have no doubt that in her next position Hilary will put forth the amazing efforts she has shown at Northern Virginia Magazine.



Lynn Norusis

Managing Editor

Northern Virginia Magazine

Natalie Kaar

   As Fashion & Beauty Editor of Northern Virginia Magazine and someone who has mentored and worked closely with Hilary Adleberg, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

   When she took on the position, it was probably Hilary’s enthusiasm that I found most impressive. As she’s tackled more and more, her enthusiasm did not wane but grown exponentially with her greater responsibility.

   Similarly, Hilary’s writing has always been captivating. She’s become quite adept at tailoring her voice for different audiences—composing clever copy for everything from posts on our shopping blog, to our fashion and beauty e-newsletter, to regular print articles for our health and beauty section.

   Hilary obviously has a passion for fashion and a knack for writing. And she is an ace at juggling multiple deadlines simultaneously. Combine that killer combo with her creative ideas as well as confidence in interviewing all types of high-profile individuals—from dozens of area boutique owners to Luca Missoni—and you’ve got an editor’s wishes fulfilled.



Natalie Kaar

Health & Beauty Editor

Northern Virginia Magazine

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